African Ancestral Spiritual Living

Learn how to honor your ancestors according to African Spiritual Traditions

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This course is designed to deepen ones relationship with their ancestors and to become more empowered through working with your ancestors to support your life.

Every indigenous tradition worldwide honors their ancestors. Even governments honor the country's ancestors through national holidays and printing them on money. Religions all honor some or many ancestors of their past so this is not a new thing. Nor should it be considered unusual or unorthodox.
The transatlantic slave trade had a significant impact for the African Diaspora because it alienated those in the diaspora from their ancestral roots, traditions, and relationships. This is the reason a course such as this may help to create a bridge for Diasporans to reestablish connection.

The course includes 10 weeks of coursework
several audio files including an exclusive  90 minute lecture on African ancestral veneration. 
45 minutes of  exclusive Video on how to set up an ancestor altar traditional and non traditional
90 minute of exclusive video on How to perform divination to communicate with the ancestors 
Audio of ancestral songs, lyrics and translations to sing and their melodies. 

Expanded Topics covered 
  • How to build an ancestral altar that honors your family and your families unique contributions.
  • Egun tools and implements that are traditionally used to work with ancestors.
  • What the purpose of the altar is and how to use it.
  • Specific prayers for Ancestral reverence and how to create them.
  • How to perform Libations and examples to get started.
  • How to perform divination to communicate with your ancestors.
  • Kinds of divination ( coconut, Kola nut, shells, modified kola with shells)
  • The nature of offerings and kinds of offerings as well as the purpose for the offerings.
  • How to communicate with your ancestors.
  • Tracing the roots of Africans in the diaspora
  • Ancestral roots in the Americas ( South, Central, North America) 
  • Learning ancestor songs and Traditional Chants
  • and more.
While designed to accompany the ancestral tools offered through Ancestor Vessel and Tools offered through and spoken of in Intro to Ifa Spirituality for Beginners, it is a course that can stand on its own and just assist people interested in deepening their relationship with their ancestors.

Course Curriculum

Way of the Ancestors Audio Lecture
Finding your Roots
In the Blood... The DNA
African DNA
Taino Ancestry
More Taino
Black in Latin America
Black in America - Cuba
Black in America - Brazil
Black in America - Mexico
African Americans
African Americans pt2
African American pt3
African American pt4
Slave Narratives
How to set up an ancestor Altar
How to set up an ancestor Altar video
Alternative Products and ideas to Cleanse and prepare your Altar
Video supplement to setting up an altar
Egun tools for the Altar
Iba Se or Mojuba
sample libations
Benin atonement for enslavement
One way to do it.
Guidelines for Obi
Video Lecture from Bone Class on using 4 shell divination
Video Lesson on Obi Abata
Egun and Ancestral Songs and lyrics
More Ancestor songs
Wade in the Water
Grandmas Hands
Better Days

Ayele Kumari